Getting Started in Data Governance

taught by Nicola Askham

Course description

Are you frustrated by problems caused by poor quality data, but not sure where to start to resolve it?

Learn exactly what Data Governance is and how to implement it successfully.  Make your organisation more successful by understanding and managing your data better. 

In four modules of approximately one hour each, this course covers the three steps to Data Governance Success:

  1. Work out how to engage your stakeholders and convince them that your organisation needs Data Governance
  2. Design a Data Governance Framework that is right for your organisation 
  3. Understand the correct approach to implement your Data Governance Framework successfully and sustainably

Course Highlights:

  • The scope of a data governance initiative
  • The relationship between data governance and data quality
  • The core requirements of an effective data governance strategy
  • How to design a data governance framework for your organisation
  • How to implement data governance without the tears

Additional Resources:

Participants on this course have the following available to them to download and keep, plus links to other recommended resources available online:

  • Data Governance Healthcheck Questionnaire
  • Example Data Governance Road Map
  • Data Policy Contents List
  • Examples of Data Policies
  • Example Data Governance Framework
  • Example Data Quality Reporting Process
  • Copies of all the slides

Who this training is for:

This course is ideal for anyone who is trying to understand and manage data better but not sure where to start, as well as for those implementing Data Governance but struggling with the many obstacles.


All students participating in this course will have access to Nicola to ask questions as they work through the course, via an online forum. 

After registering you will be also offered the option to purchase coaching to support you as you complete the course.


  • This approach has been proven to work in a variety of different industries and sectors.
  • Completing this course will enable you to design and implement Data Governance in a simple, practical manner.

  • This course gives you the knowledge you need to implement Data Governance without expensive external support.

Nicola Askham
Nicola Askham
The Data Governance Coach

Nicola is the leading data governance training provider in the UK. She holds a unique level of experience in the Data Governance field, and has experience in training and coaching major organisations to help them implement full data governance frameworks.

Nicola has developed a powerful methodology for implementing data governance based on over 13 years of experience and research into best practices. Her methodology breaks down the data governance initiative into logical steps, which ensures that businesses design and implement a data governance framework that is right for them.

Nicola initially worked for a leading UK Bank, and moved into consultancy in 2009. Nicola has worked with clients in a number of different industries including Financial Services, Defence, Utilities and Retail.

Nicola is a Director and Committee Member of DAMA UK, she sits on the Expert Panel of, and regularly writes and presents internationally on data governance best practice.

Please email Nicola with questions you have about the course content or whether it is right for you on:

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Reviews (1)

Best in the Market

by Venkata Valluri
Easy and Quick to get head around Data Governance right from inception to implementation..

Best in the Market

by Venkata Valluri
Easy and Quick to get head around Data Governance right from inception to implementation..